September 14, 2006

Radical Islam's Insiders in Washington

Radical Islam's shiny-happy face to America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has given us its list of Congressdhimmis who support their 'interests'.

Wow, the fifth column named! This is a lot like Sen. Joseph McCarthy's infamous list. Only this time ithe list is real and the Commies did Joe a favor by publishing it themselves.

Among those that scored 100% on CAIR's list is the next Speaker of the House should the Democrats win: Nancy Pelosi.

Why does The Manchurian Candidate--the good one...the one directed by John Frankenheimer--suddenly come to mind?

Go check out the other traitors here.

UPDATE: Not so fast.

The All-Seeing Pirate Ragnar notes in the comments that all the Congressdhimmis got a 100% rating and the rest got a 0% rating. Which probably indicates that the rating is based on a single vote.

If that is the case, the rating system is pretty worthless. A scale cannot be based on a dichotomous choice. If you voted for whatever it was the CAIR was for, you got 100%, if you voted against it nada.

So, the rating system is flawed and borderline meaningless. Not entirely meaningless, just borderline so.

What CAIR really wants to say, if we are right, is that "these people voted once the way we thought they should." But that one time must have been a whopper.

It seems to be a single vote from 2005. What was the vote that CAIR was so passionate about?

UPDATE part deux: Rob tells me that he's contacted Vote Smart about it. They are going to try to get back to him tonight. Check his post out for updates on that.

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