September 14, 2006

Like I (and Others) Said, Hezbullah Lost

I posted this in August when the cease-fire began to take effect (in agreement with this excellent Tigerhawk post.) There was initially a flurry of depression from the right that Israel had lost in the world's eyes, even if it had strategically and tactically decimated Hezbullah's capabilities in Lebanon. I also caught some flak at the Jawa Report for advancing this notion.

Well, the smoke has had time to clear, and Hezbullah is now being percieved by many Arabs as the real loser.

Don't get me wrong. I deep down wish Israel was able to completey take off the gloves and pound those militant Iranian/Syrian-supported savages into the desert sands once and for all, as well as send a cruise missle or 700 into Assad's house and Akhmadinnerplate's offices. This desire for total WWII-style domination, however, shouldn't have distracted from the real physical damage Israel had done to Hezbullah's capabilities and resources in the Litani region (and the lack of real physical damage Hezbullah had done to Israeli infastructure or capability).

Propaganda is wonderful, but as we saw in Reutersgate, much of the 'victory for Hezbullah' was media-fueled smoke and mirrors from start to end. And the winds of time more often than not will blow the smoke away.

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