September 08, 2006

Hot Muslim Chick Mariyah Moten

Mariyah-Moten-miss-bikini-pakistan.jpgHot Muslim chick Mariyah Moten has won honors at the Miss Bikini Universe 2006 pageant as Miss Pakistan. Pakistan was less than pleased and has started an investigation. No word yet on if Canada or the US will extradite her to face Pakistani justice (ie be murdered aka Honor killing).

Yahoo News:ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani authorities are investigating how a Pakistani-born American woman entered a "Miss Bikini" pageant in China as a representative of predominantly Muslim, conservative Pakistan....

Moten, a student of hotel management at the University of Houston, was born and brought up in the Pakistani city of Karachi, news reports said. She moved to the United States with her family eight years ago.

Hat Tip: Blue Crab Boulevard.

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