September 06, 2006

Democrats Nominate 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist in Florida (UPDATE: More Dem 9/11 Conspiracists!)

Democrats in Florida's 15th district have nominated a 9/11 conspiracy theorist to run for Congress.

Dr. Bob Bowman had 55 percent over 45 percent for John M. Kennedy. The winner will face incumbent Republican Rep. Dave Weldon.

But don't worry, it's okay for him to "quesion" 9/11, because Dr. Bob Bowman is a retired Air Force officer. See how that works, if you served in the military, you get the pass from the Democrats.

At least he's no chickenhawk.

Plus he's got a Ph.D. I mean, that would get me to vote for him right there.

And for you Catholics out there, it just gets worse. He's a former "Archbishop" of the "United Catholic Church"....where gays, lesbians, and abortion rights activists who are out of Communion go to congregate.

Here's his website.

Doesn't it just make you proud to be a Democrat?


The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

"The exercises that went on that morning simulating the exact kind of thing that was happening so confused the people in the FAA and NORAD....that they didn't they didn't know what was real and what was part of the exercise," said Bowman

"I think the people who planned and carried out those exercises, they're the ones that should be the object of investigation."

Asked if he could name a prime suspect who was the likely architect behind the attacks, Bowman stated, "If I had to narrow it down to one person....I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney."

Bowman said that privately his military fighter pilot peers and colleagues did not disagree with his sentiments about the real story behind 9/11.

I've actually talked about this guy being a nutjob before in an unrelated post. I'll try to find it.

UPDATE: Found it in two places. I had heard of Bowman from commenters, both of whom cite Bowman as an authority figure. Here's one: MA Mosque Claims U.S. Government Behind 9/11. Here's the other: Charlie Sheen: CIA, Jews, Space Aliens Caused 9/11

And do you want to know how I found out that Bowman had won? I was monitoring a "moderate" Muslim message board in the UK. These "moderates" were ecstatic that Bowman had won. I'm not kidding, you don't get more mainstream than these guys.

UPDATE: Video of Bowman and much more below the fold. Says: "The official 9/11 story is impossible...prove that high levels of our government don't want us to know what happened and who was repsonsible." Hmm, maybe it was the Mossad? No?

"...all roads lead to Cheney.... High treason and conspiracy to commit murder." Freaking amazing!

UPDATE: Allah says that District 15 is secure and has a lot more. Here's praying. But commenter Leatherhelmet over at LGF links to this guy in Washington State who is also a 9/11 conspiracy nut. Guess which party?

His name is Joshua Smith, and like DR. Bob he's pursuing a post-graduate education in, get this, "space studies". And by profession he's a "technologist". Technologist studying space studies?

And as long as we've offended Catholics with Dr. Bob's non-affiliation, we'll go ahead and offend Latter Day Saints--Mormons. Josh Smith claims he is a practicing Mormon. Now about that excommunication thing....

Anyway, Smith says:

This may be hard to believe if you've not given it much thought, but it must be said anyway. Current scientific evidence does not support the government's official explanation of what happened. In fact, the official 9/11 report has clear inconsistencies, ambiguities, and in some cases, outright impossibilities.
As Ace says in this post, this is all part of the mainstreaming of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Will the Democrats treat these nutjobs the way the Republicans treated David Duke? Sadly, I think the answer is no.

UPDATE: Just plain crazy vs. treasonously crazy--Allah finds out that Smith's opponent is Baghdad Jim McDermott.

And it turns out that Frank J. of IMAO fame may soon be represented by Doc Bob. He lives in his district. Bwahahahahahaaaa!!!!!

Frank J finds more from Doc Bob and has a whole list. Get this, Bob is against violent video games because they lead to our soldiers shooting their guns more often.

UPDATE:Sister Toldjah e-mails to let me know that Dr. Bob's website is still running the 9/11 conspiracy stuff right now. That I knew. But what I didn't know was that just above it he would go off on the.....wait for it....Illuminati and Trilateralist Commission!

The New World Order got its start with Charlie Wilson (chairman of General Motors and later Secretary of Defense) and Krupp Industries in Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s. It got a big push from David Rockefeller in 1960 with the Trilateral Commission, and reached its fruition under George H. W. Bush. It incorporates the IMF, the World Bank, the G-8, and the WTO. It rules the world on behalf of the billionaire industrialists and bankers. It is global capitalism run amok. It manipulates public opinion through its corporate media monopolies. If we can’t take back America, there’s not much hope for the rest of the world.
Ever notice how these conspiracies all kind of run together?

Anyway, here is what the Democrats in Florida just nominated:

9/11: The truth about 9/11 is that we don’t KNOW the truth about 9/11, and we should. I will sponsor (and have already lined up co-sponsors for) legislation initiating a truly independent investigation of 9/11. There is mounting evidence of complicity by elements of our own government.

If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything? Why are they hiding audiotapes of FAA and NORAD controllers? Why are they hiding videotapes of whatever hit the Pentagon? Why are they hiding the black boxes? Why did they destroy most of the forensic evidence showing that three buildings at the World Trade Center were brought down by thermite demolition charges? If the thermite residue found on severed steel beams didn’t bring down the towers, what did? (Never before in history did steel skyscrapers fall because of fire, and THREE of them did on the same day … one of which wasn’t even hit by an airplane!) Why did four hijacked airliners fly around for up to an hour and 45 minutes without being intercepted? Why were normal procedures not followed? (If normal procedures HAD been followed, the aircraft would have been intercepted with 20 minutes to spare, the twin towers would still be standing, and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive.) If it was massive incompetence, why has no one been fired? … or demoted? … or court martialed? (Instead they were promoted or given the medal of freedom!) If Osama bin Laden was really suspected, why did our government violate its own “no-fly” order to hurriedly fly the bin Laden family out of the United States before they could be questioned? Why does the “Osama bin Laden” in the “confession” videotape have a nose about an inch shorter than the real Osama bin Laden? Why have half a dozen of the 19 “hijackers” turned up in other countries … alive and well? Were there really any hijackers at all, and if there were, were they patsies? Who made millions on short sales of United and American Airlines? Where is the tens of billions of dollars worth of missing gold that was stored in the World Trade Center?

The American people and the families of those who died on 9/11 deserve the truth, and we do not yet have it. The above are but a tiny fraction of the unanswered questions not even raised by those who “investigated” the 9/11 tragedy. The most unbelievable of all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 is the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory told us by our government. The Kean-Hamilton commission report was a whitewash, a cover-up, and a bundle of deception. If a new investigation identifies those responsible, they should be indicted for treason. And those who covered up the treason should themselves be indicted as accessories after the fact.

As my good friend Professor Chaos just told his students: ""If you believe that the Bush administration perpetrated the attacks on 9/11, you don't belong in grad school. You belong in therapy."

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