September 04, 2006

Omar Bakri Mohammed Detained in Lebanon, 3 al-Muhajiroun Arrested


***Jawa Report Exclusive***

Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammed, the exiled British Muslim cleric, was detained by Lebanese police last week and then released after passing a bribe. He was questioned about his possible involvement with the foiled sky terror plot. Bakri denied any involvement.

In a conversation last night between al-Muhajiroun followers in Britain and Bakri in Lebanon, Omar Barki Muhammed related details of his detainment in Lebanon. Bakri claimed that the Lebanese authorities detained him at the request of the British or Americans.

The conversation was one of many secretly recorded by Glen Jenvey.

Bakri Mohammed claims that he was shown pictures of suspects in the plot to blow up American bound airplanes by the Lebanese authorities questioning him. He admitted to them that he had met some of the alleged plotters, but claims he did not know them by name.

Pakistan has arrested what it calls the leader of the sky-terror plot, a 25 year old Birmingham man named Rashid Rauf. Rauf is a member of Omar Bakri Mohammed's now banned al-Muhajiroun group.

Bakri was also asked by his al-Muhajiroun followers about jihad training and recruitment at the Jameah Islameah School. Bakri indicated that he knew the school's owner, Balil Patel. Bakri seemed to be pleased that the Patel was not among those arrested.

The conversation also turned to Abu Abdullah. Abu Abdullah, an assistant to jailed cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri at the Finsbury Park mosque, is now among the 14 men arrested in London on suspicion of involvement in terrorist recruiting and training centered around the school.

In last night's conversation, Bakri Mohammed can be heard praying for Abu Abdullah's release from prison and his al-Muhajiroun followers repeating the wish or saying ameen (amen).

In previous conversations secretly recorded by Jenvey between the exiled cleric and British al-Muhajiroun followers, Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammed has raised funds for the 'mujahidin'.

Bakri Mohammed also claims that he was released after a bribe was given to the Lebanese authorities detaining him. He also believed that this bribe would keep him immune from further arrests.

Three al Muhajiroun members were arrested in Manchester last night on suspicions of plotting an assassination. While British police would not clarify who was the target of the assassination plot, it seems clear that Tony Blair was the intended victim.

The three are all described as of being Asians of Pakistani heritage and in their mid to late 20s.

If you would like to e-mail Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, and personally ask him about his connection to British terror plots, Glen tells me that you can reach him at


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