August 31, 2006

Hot Israeli Studmuffin Action

Mary Katherine is answering our post about the real reason we support Israel (Hot IDF Chicks) and our poll in which Israel came in second to that all important question of which country has the best looking women in uniform with this photo tribute to hunks of the IDF.

In the interest of keeping our dwindling female readership happy we'll link it. But dudes should keep away from it. If you're anything like me, the pics will leave you confused.

But as I just told Mary Katherine and Michelle "Man Candy" Malkin: There's good & bad IDF photos.

Hot IDF chicks: good
IDF dudes: bad

I think I'll go assert my all-the-way heterosexuality by taking at look at Chris at Home's latest tribute to sexy Asian Celebs (probably NSFW, but no nudity). Call it a late afternoon palette cleanser, and since the news coming out of Thailand isn't so great these days, you might as well check out these non-dhimmi Thai chicks as well. A few dozen Islamist bombs aren't going to keep them from showing some skin!

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