August 31, 2006

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

An open letter to Dr. Shackleford: (I love doing open letters, because my best friend Beth hates them)

When you granted me this login status, I had no idea that September 16th, 2006, would be a momentous date in history.

When you promoted me to "Prick Editor-in-Chief", I remained clueless.

But recent wanderings around the interwebsinestrophericblogidohexinets have shown me that September 16th, 2006, will go down in Sandcrawler lore as the (digitally-speaking) bloodiest day in this blogs storied past.

Yes, Dr. Shackleford, 9/16/2006 is the day where I was once your student, but now I am the master.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm referring to, simply look at your college football schedules.

This could be the most intense intra-blog blogwar ever. But probably not. After all, Rusty did graduate from a university whose mascot is a pack of condoms.

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