August 30, 2006

Al Qaeda Accuses Media of Anti-Terrorist Bias

Here are a few tidbits from a press release put out by the al Qaeda umbrella organization in Iraq, the Mujahidin Shura Council. That's right, terrorists have press releases. I'm not kidding.

In it, the MSC complains about media bias against them. The chief charge? They daily kill dozens and dozens of "crusaders" (ie, Americans and Britons) and "apostates" (ie, any one who works for the Iraqi government) but the MSM press only reports one or two zionist-crusaders killed! The Arab press repeats the official numbers when "true Muslims" should believe al Qaeda's reports and not the Americans.

What's funny is that last week, just as an experiment, I tallied the number of dead Americans and Brits as reported by terrorists in Iraq vs the actual number. For every dead U.S. soldier the terrorists claimed about 10-20.

O brothers of Tawid (ed, monotheism), don't you see how they try to erase mujahidin's news and to show them as a source of trouble and defect?

And look at the Arabic channels TV which become the same as the crusader media and which try to make doubt in the mujahadin's media .

O you who look for the truth and the real news, is the one who doesn't worship Allah more sincere than the mujahed mowahed [ed, strict follower] who doesn't worship except Allah and defend the true religion ??? Are Muslims the same as criminals, how do you judge and decide, and despite this you don't see this balance nor hear about " the dissenting opinion"....

We know certainty that the news and events pass over the crusader media which show what they want like the logic of Pharaoh who said " "I show you only that which I see", and we know that the RV Channels are forced to follow the crusaders and submitted to the lying and false articles [ie, censored].

But your brothers in the media committee of Mujahidin Shura Council don't care about that because they wish these events were diffused in the rewards' page to erase their sins and to raise their degrees, and Allah is All-Knower of the unseen and seen .

O brothers, our media is an incitement of the mouwahedeens [true followers] and an annunciation of Jihad and refutation of the slander

Right. Not only is the "crusader" media biased against al Qaeda, but also the Arab media.


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