August 30, 2006

The Axis of Jihadism

Behrooz Bahbudi and Walid Phares have this in today's Washington Post, but since they also posted it over at CT blog I'd encourage you to go there and read it.

There are two major “trees” of Jihadism: The Salafists and the Khumeinists. The Salafists, influenced by the radical Wahabis and the “Muslim Brotherhood” call for the removal of the current Arab and Muslim Governments and their replacement by a worldwide power they call “Caliphate.” The Salafist movement produced al Qaeda and its affiliates around the world and identifies itself as “The International Salafi Jihadi Movement.” It is omnipresent in the Muslim world and has a significant presence inside democracies worldwide. The Salafi Jihadists established the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. This was the model they wished to multiply around the globe. The Khumeinists are the Jihadist followers of the teachings of Iranian Ayatollah Ruhallah Khumeini. They have established what they call an “Islamic Republic” in Iran and have funded movements, including Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Iranian Regime oppresses its own peoples and seeks regional and world expansion through Terrorism and Nuclear threat.
I would also add that many many Muslims would be sympathetic to the goals of the Salafists and the Khumeinists, yet they would reject the method of terrorism. It's an important distinction.

Because it's not just the method which is barbaric, but the utopian vision.

Beware of utopians with guns, but also beware of utopians who vote.

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