August 30, 2006

Experts: Reuters Vehicle NOT Hit by Missile

Back and forth and back again. I called shenanigans, Confederate Yankee backs it up with expert testimony. And unlike some other experts, these ones aren't anonymous commenters:

Looking at the picture received through the link on your email, the damage on the vehicle was sustained very long time ago and probably not by the rocket, or it was already tempered [sic] with[.]
Anyway, I don't know what happened, but I'm sure not buying the story Reuters is selling.

UPDATE: John at Powerline, who has been going back and forth with me in e-mail over this, weighs in:

would think that a forensic examination of the vehlcle could answer the outstanding questions once and for all, and either validate or refute the claims made by Reuters. Clearly, there is enough doubt about those claims to warrant a full investigation.
Indeed. And JY Blog on the rust issue.

Personally it looks more like debris on the truck to me--specifically, the kind of debris left after a hunk of concrete lands on your truck--but thats just me. And the photos Allah has posted seems to show just that. The other photos are after the vehicle has been moved and in daylight, so it could be rust under the debris shown in that photo. Or not.

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