August 25, 2006

African-American African Taliban Flogs Woman

howiewowanflogged.jpgApparently they beat the entire household over $1 worth of cannabis. Seems a bit extreme. I wonder what the penalty is for a six pack of beer?

CNN: MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Islamic leaders in Mogadishu gave a woman 11 lashes for selling cannabis Thursday, the first female to receive such punishment since the fundamentalist rulers took over the capital in June.

The woman, who throughout the beating insisted she was innocent, was flogged alongside five other men at the Yassin Square in Mogadishu in front of several hundred people. The small bundle of cannabis, worth around $1 on the streets in the capital, was burned before the crowd.

I guess she was taking customers away from the Taliban opium dealers in Afghanistan. Not to stop with that they also went out and beat a the tar out of some more people for watching the TEEVEE.
Late Tuesday, Islamic militiamen raided a makeshift video hall in Mogadishu, beating up viewers watching an Indian film. Like the Taliban, members of the group appear to see any secular entertainment as un-Islamic.
Nice Guys these African Taliban. Allahpundit has this and more here. As I recall a while back they beat soccer fans too. Because the World Cup games from Germany advertised beer. Beer and Germany? I'm shocked! Tell me how harmful can a beer ad be in a nation with no beer?

Nations with no beer? Hell on earth for sure.

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