August 23, 2006

Islamonazism: The Video

The connections between the Nazi regime and what we are currently seeing accross the globe are vast, and it would have been impossible to try to outline even a fair number of those connections in a ten minute video, but I hope to have laid the groundwork for viewers to at least do some added research in to the arena.

I have long contended the Muslim Brotherhood movement during the early 20th Century is primarily responsible for the deaths we are seeing today (coincidentally that's another reason why I mocked their email to me) and one of the group's early philosophers was one Amin al-Husseini, otherwise known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The Grand Mufti was an ally of Adolph Hitler, but we also see the movement of Nazism within the Middle East as an extension of the teachings of the MB and I'm hoping the video will shed some light upon those other connections and why the hatred we see today could rightly be called the Islamonazi Final Solution.

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