August 17, 2006

The Jill Carroll Story Part V


Jill Carroll via The Christian Science Monitor: One afternoon in the first week after I’d been taken – and I’d been moved to yet another house – Abu Ali called me into a big sitting room with green velveteen couches. On the far wall, above the TV, was a gigantic poster of waterfalls and rocks and trees.

But my captors wanted me to look at something very different: DVDs of them waging war.

By their count they were killing dozens or even hundreds of soldiers a day. They could prove it, they said, with videos of their operations showing humvees and tanks blowing up and snipers shooting soldiers.

So Abu Ali sat me down to show me the videos. They were all in Arabic and included audio overlays of mujahideen singing in low, somber tones.

Others had pictures of an American Hummvee driving along, and then it would blow up, and they’d cut to a graphic of a lightning flash, and thunder clapping.

Abu Ali would glance over at me as I watched the videos, asking me what I thought of them. I couldn’t say anything good, but I tried to say things that were true, like “Oh, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this, I didn’t know this was out there”.

To Abu Ali, though, this was their mission, a righteous path; this was their work for God.

While I sat there watching them I felt like the insurgents were sending me a message: they hate Americans so much, they’re proud of these attacks. It’s normal to them.

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