August 08, 2006

Biggest Victim of Israeli Genocide? Mickey Mouse (Update: Monty Python; UPDATE II: RETRACTION; UPDATE III: Another Photo Debunked!)

UPDATES: So many updates, just keep scrolling down. Near the bottom, you'll se another Hajj/Reuters photo debunked.


Once is a lucky shot. Twice is lottery winning lucky. Three times and its time for the IDF to start thinking about taking out this objective journalist.

Once you become a propagandist for terrorists, you are a tool of the enemies of Western civilization and are a legitimate target in war.

Click the pic above for the rest of the photos. More commentary from George Lucas Ace.

Much more below the fold.

UPDATE: I'm not dead yet. I'm feeling much better now. Update: Scroll down. The pic is legit.

Photo of "dead civilians" victims of an Israeli "massacre". Printed on front page of Washington Post.....yet no one seemed to notice.

Read the rest from James Taranto Update: Taranto now retracting. This guy also notices the same as we do below. Via LGF who is still all over these photos.

UPDATE: At the request of Chad Evans, I checked into the photo. Turns out, it's probably legit. Honest mistake in my book. Guy looks like he's getting up, but he's not.

Chad's post is up here. It's pretty convincing.

Chad and I have been e-mailing back and forth for the past little while. He tried to get hold of Taranto, but no luck.

When he first told me the photo was legit, I set out to prove that he was wrong (this was before he had a post up). So, I dove into the Yahoo News photo archive and found these.

Now I'm eating crow. He was right. A lot of us are in such a rush to go after the MSM bias, that we're starting to get sloppy. This includes me. I wanted to believe the photo was staged.

Pretty definitive proof that the photos do not show a "dead man" getting up. This does not mean that the event wasn't staged, only that these are actual dead bodies.

Photo one: Compare to Taranto's photo above. Notice especially the wall in the background. Notice, also, the rolled up pants leg. SOURCE

I don't know how long it takes for bodies to become stiff, but it appears this is the case in the photo. Whether these bodies are "fresh" or ones that were brought in, I am in no position to tell.

Photo 2: Later in the day. The bodies are covered. More bodies now. Look at the wall in the photo. Notice pants leg. Notice two humps from under the blanket. SOURCE

Photo 3: This is the one Chad has up. Look at the wall. Look at the two humps.

Read Chad's post here.

Mia Culpas are in order.

UPDATE II: Rather than argue in the comments, I'll refer Improbulus Maximus to this post by John Hawkins. (Hat tip: Mary Katherine)

Somewhere between "there are no innocents in war" and "any killing of innocents is murder" is a moral stance that I can agree with.

UPDATE IV: For Reuters, there are no terrorists.

More updates than you can shake a stick at!

Remember the photo posted below? If you've been following this story from the beginning, it was one of the first photos I put up in our original post on the Reuters scandal---before our ten minutes of fame for debunking the F-16 photo.

This is what I wrote about it: And another one. I wish I had the original, larger photo. But this one is suspicious. Look closely. --Update within an update: Look at the explosion in the background. Seems a bit out of proportion.

But nooooo. You guys laughed at me. Called me crazy.

Dave S. said: And the pic with the guy holding the gun with the big fire... it looks fine too. The fire looks a little odd, but that's only because it is on a hillside next to a winding road. Or, that's my take, at least.

Yeah, I'm a fox.

A closer view, as provided by Allah at Hot Air.


What's even funnier is that the same photo appeared twice with two different captions.

Now, if I had only listened to reader Thorsten who dropped this comment a couple of days ago....Hi guys,
the picture under "Update3" i remember in been seen. on a cloes look you will see a dumpplace with old tyres on fire. not a factory or so. only car tyres. well, they smoke. but why in the hell they burn and whats the face in front with the gun?

Man, are my readers smart, or what? If I'd only listen to you guys more often, I'd be famous!

Yet Another UPDATE: Bizzby Blog e-mailed me these photos earlier. But since I was so busy, my response was something like "so what"?

So, Gateway Pundit does the debunking.....because I was too busy.

Man, would I have loved to be the guy to do take the NY Times down! Instead, I'm the guy linking to the guy taking the The Grey Lady down a notch.

Always the bridesmaid, I guess.

Bizzyblog also sent me this other photo though. I bet start looking into it!

But, while I'm looking into that, why not check out
my latest post on how Reuters may still be employing Adnan Hajj.

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