August 08, 2006

More Clarity From Coffee Cup Annan

Israel "may have" committed a "war crime" with the Qana incident, says supreme do-nothing/ head of the Blue Helmet Sudan rapists Kofi Annan.

Hezbullah's indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli towns and civilians escaped condemnation and calls for investigation. Hezbullah's use of human sheilds and civilian homes for rocket positions and bunkers went without condemnation. No comment form Mr. What-Oil-For-Food-Scandal on the ubiquitous "White T-Shirt guy" or "Green Helmet guy" and why they were running around for hours parading corpses for Reuters and other "truth gatherers" (among them our newest, bestest friend Adnan Hajj.) No comment on why the nature of the targeted Israeli offensives and 'civilian' death tolls in Lebanon seem to be wildly exaggerated on a regular basis.

Hezbullah's human rights violations and dragging of the region into destabilization? Hezbullah's attacks on UN posts? Kidnapping Israelis and launching rockets on Israeli soverign territory? Iran and Syria admitting to starting and fanning the flames?

No investigation needed - Israel would be vindicated, and that is simply UNacceptable.

You are a worthless lying piece of garbage, Kofi Annan. I call for an immediate investigation of your role in the human rights violations and deaths of thousands of Iraqis at the hands of Saddam Hussein, your role in the human rights violations, rapes and murders of children under UN supervision in the Sudan, your role in allowing Hezbullah to fly under the radar of criticism and scrutiny in the current conflict and finally an all-encompassing investigation as to what it is you have actually accomplished in your tenure at the head of the world's most pointless and corrosive organization.

None of us are waiting up.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl kicks Annan's suggestion squarely in the jewels with "Qana Exposed."

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