August 08, 2006

Staged Reuters Photo Incites Muslims to Jihad

Yet another staged Reuters photo. This one with much more distubing implications. A Koran being burned. The caption seems to blame this act of desecration on inaction by the U.S. and U.N. Who took the photo? Adnan Hajj.

I talked about this earlier, but felt it deserved its own space.


A copy of the Koran burns in Southern Beirut after the Hizbollah stronghold was targeted by Israeli airstrikes July 16, 2006. Israeli air raids shook Beirut on Sunday, the fifth day of a devastating assault on Hizbollah and Lebanon that has prompted no UN Security Council action and only a mild plea for restraint from Israel's U.S. ally. Reuters/Adnan Hajj (Beirut)

Very troubling because:

a) it's clearly staged
b) it's clearly meant to incite Muslims
c) it's by you-know-who

Hajj, like all of us, knows exactly what happens when infidels burn Korans. Or flush them down the toilet. Even if the infidels really don't desecrate the Koran, the accusation is enough.

Thanks to Jake for saving the photo and the caption minutes--literally--before Yahoo news yanked them. Jake adds this:

Clearly, there was some amount of time between the attack and Adnan Hajj arriving on scene to photograph the results.

If the book was set ablaze by the blast of the bomb, the book would have long disappeared into ash before Hajj arrived with camera and Photoshop in tow.

The intact burnt pages on the right indicate this is a fast burning fire that rapidly consumed half the book prior to the photo being taken, so fast that the fragile ashen pages have not disintegrated.

If the book was not set on fire by the blast of the explosion (which is unlikely anyway... the force of the atmospheric overpressure would likely prevent any jetsam object like a book to ignite...I was an aircraft weapons specialist in the US Air Force, BTW), but kindled by residual fires, then there should be burning debris or smoke rising from the rubble around the Koran. There is none in the

The only flames or smoke sources in that photo are from the rapidly disappearing Koran. I would wager two minutes after this photo was taken the book would be fully engulfed, and reduced to ash not long afterwards.

I'm convinced.

The MSM needs to put a disclosure statement on all pictures coming from Southern Lebanon warning readers that the images were taken as part of an organized tour put on by Hezbollah.

Oh, it would also be useful if they just came right out and said that they hate Israel. Save us all a lot of time.

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