August 07, 2006

Jawa Report in the News (Rusty's Trophy)


Original photo debunking story here.

The nail in the coffin (via YNet). Kudos, Rusty!

Update: Fox News video of the story is under "Latest News Headlines"

Michelle Malkin: All of Hajj's photos have been pulled by MargaReuterVille.

Update too: Linked, but not named, in the UK Guardian. Down at the end.

Update RS: Best line Twas Rusty killed the beast' Heh.

Still another: Rusty makes Best of the Web at Opinionjournal.

And another: On Rush and on Drudge radio. association.

And more: Mark Levin. Hey, know our url, don't ya?

UPDATE BELOW FOLD: Rushtalanche!


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