August 05, 2006

200 Indonesian Jihad Bombers Threaten Israel

(Jakarta, Indonesia) Reportedly, in the last several days over 3,000 Indonesian volunteers have signed up to be jihad warriors.


A group of 200 men calling themselves members of the "Jihad Bombers Force" (PBJ) in Pontianak, capital of Indonesia's West Kalimantan province, are ready to leave for Palestine and Lebanon to paralyze Israeli vital facilities if the latter fails to abide by a 4-days deadline.

"We give Israel 4-days deadline as of now to stop its military aggression against Palestine and Lebanon. If this ultimatum is ignored, we will not be responsible for the 200 voluntary jihad bombers who are going to leave for the two Middle Eastern countries," Antara news agency quoted Indonesian Human Rights spokesman Suib Didu as saying in Pontianak on Saturday.

He said the jihad bombers would not only launch attacks in Palestine and Lebanon but also in countries allied with Israel.

PBJ, eh? I guess they blow themselves up, stick to the roof and leave a sweet aftertaste. No mention as to whether the jihadists are smooth or crunchy.

Levity aside, even though the threat cannot be ignored, the likelihood of the PBJ acting soon seems minimal.


But it was unlikely the men could actually leave their hometowns in Indonesia's Kalimantan province as they said they had no money, leader, guns or passports.
They sound like they're homeless and singing the blues. Nonetheless, over 3,000 young Islamists have registered on a list to fight against Israel. Hopefully, that list is accessible for review, if necessary.

One last thing. The ChiCom house organ, Xinhua, states that Suib Didu is a human rights spokesman but fails to mention that he's the former chairman of the Islamic Youth Movement. Trying to put a human rights face on jihad bombers is insulting.

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