August 01, 2006

Qana : Turning Warheads into Whine*

The non-leftist end of the blog universe is now all abuzz over what I'll call the "Qana discrepancies." The term "Qana" is currently the second most searched term on Technorati. A few notable posts:

Confederate Yankee asks "Were the Qana Bodies Staged?"

Sweetness & Light wonders if this represents the premier of "Hezbollywood"

EU Referendum asks "Who is this man?"

Soccer Dad wonders "To what degree was the media manipulated?"

Daled Amos notes "Further discrepancies"

What I'm hearing more than anything is a collection of tough questions about a story that doesn't seem to make sense. I raised some of these questions yesterday, and was savaged as "insane" for trying to spread "conspiracy theories." I found this odd, considering my only theory was that I shouldn't believe everything I hear from the political operatives of a terrorist organization. I don't believe everything al Qaeda or Hamas says. Why would I trust Hizb'Allah?

For my part, everything coming from a known propaganda machine is immediately suspect. Even a propaganda machine spreads truth on occasion, but a propaganda machine doesn't deserve the same benefit of the doubt as a known trusted source. Islamofascists are notorious for engaging in the practice of taqiyya--i.e., lying. I don't think anyone outside of Hizb'Allah is claiming to know exactly what happened at Qana. Those who were there have a story, but their story doesn't appear to make sense. We may never know the full story. We can, however, be confident of at least four things:

1. This story, like all others involving dead children, has been, and will continue to be, manipulated to maximum effect by the Hizb'Allah operatives in the area

2. There are pieces of the Qana story that we don't have right now

3. Most of the pieces we do have originate from questionable sources

4. The pieces of the story we do have don't fit together quite properly

As we learn more, what initially appeared to be an inconsistency may turn out not to be at all. As I said yesterday, knowing what I knew then, something doesn't look right here. Nothing I've seen since then has answered any of my questions. Most of what I've seen has only raised more questions.

If there turns out to be "something there," and past performance is any indication, the blogs are likely to chew on this for a week or so before the MSM catches wind of it. And then they'll pat themselves on the back for "digging deeper" and "asking the tough questions."

(* - I stole the title from someone, but I lost my notes on who it was. If it was you, let me know.)

UPDATE: * - The title was inspired by a comment by George guy, who blogs at Neoprophet.

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