July 31, 2006

Hot Muslim Chick Eralda Hitaj

She competed in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant as Miss Albania. She did not win, but still she's a winner with me.

Eralda Via Miss Universe:I am part of the new generation that has made true and big changes in my country by doing what we believe is right. Although the prejudices we face everyday challenge us step by step, I believe that this has made me stronger and braver in admitting and doing what I think is right.
This 19 year old is not only sharp looking she is smart too. Are you sure the Koran didn't get mixed up and Muhammad left Muslim women in charge? They seem to set a much better example than most of the men.

Hat Tip: Mactastic Rusty Wicked.

Ahh so cute!

And hot in a swimsuit. No Burka for this girl. Praise Allah.




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