July 31, 2006

The Bottom Line.

This is a good article over at The Conservative Voice. Personally I think Hezbollah and the rest of the Middle East is laughing their ass off right now. Our concern for their manufactured hardships was easily predicted and shows our weakness. Yes we are being played like a fiddle.

The Conservative Voice: In this brave new world of political correctness and human rights for Islamic terrorists who have vowed to destroy Western civilization and all who adhere to civilization in general, only terrorists are now being given the green light to wage war. The arguments (AKA excuses) for this insane line of thinking are few and tepid. But, they are apparently powerful enough for those who continue to maintain a hatred for the Western world and a love for the “poor oppressed terrorists” in our midst....

...The Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah rocket launchers in the village of Qana resulted in over 50 women and children, located in an apartment building, being killed. But, it appears that no men were killed. Hmmm. Interestingly, this is a standard terrorist Hezbollah tactic. It removes the men (so that they can continue to fight with Hezbollah) and leaves women and children for “collateral damage”—to be used as a public relations’ ploy for the world press. It worked and continues to work to Hezbollah’s advantage. Hezbollah was and is not blamed—only its victims (in this case Israel) are. The leftist mainstream press drinks long and hard from the wine Hezbollah and other worldwide terrorist organizations provide to them and then proceeds to become drunk on it.

The bottom line? Only the terrorists should be allowed to fight. Yeah. That should do it!

Remember Muhammad's words, "War is Deceit!"

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