July 30, 2006

Hezbollah has Charities, as did the Nazis

Did you know that Hezbollah has many charities that it operates? It's true. So did the Nazis.

A recurring theme of Hezbollah apologists is that they do many good things. Just check out these fifth columnists in the U.S. defending Hezbollah. See especially Part2a & Part3 in which American Muslims say exactly that. (via Charles Johnson)

Below are German propaganda posters showing the softer side of the Nazi party. They were collected from this website about Nazi and East German propaganda.


A poster for the Nazi Winter Aid chairty. It reads No one shall go hungry! No one shall be cold!

More propaganda below.


A poster from the National Socialist People's Welfare Charity (NSV) . It reads Health, child protection, fighting poverty, aiding travellers, community, helping mothers: These are the tasks of the National Socialist People's Charity. Become a member!


Another NSV poster. Support the assistance program for mothers and children.


Interestingly enough, even the Nazis tried to evacuate children from cities under siege. The poster encourages parents to register their 3-14 year old children with a program which took them to the countryside. Compare that to Hezbollah.

I also noticed that the CNN reporter who was on the scene in Qana bombing today as the building collapsed said that all the victims seemed to be women and children. It's as if there were no men of fighting age to be found.....(Video: Gellerman responds here and here.

One last poster. Compare with what British moonbats are saying.


The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war.

Sound familiar?

UPDATE: Remember that he who wins the propaganda war often wins the war. (hat tip: Olivia)

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