July 30, 2006

Hezbullah Supporters Trash UN HQ in Beirut

You can tell how obetient and frightened Hezbullah supporters are of the the Blue Helmets from this pic and the others in this article.

Hezbullah - your days are numbered. When the next several thousand rounds of negotiations, shuttle diplomacy and letters condemnimg Israel accords are over, then there may be a possibility that the UN just may at some point issue some very strongly worded-language to the supporters of this militant Islamic group.


EDITORIAL NOTE: Some of the comments have been deleted, due to one particularly rabid Hezbullah supporter ("Cedar Revolution") spewing Nazi-like rhetoric all over the thread. GM has responded dutifully as any good man would with some pointed words of his own - he is not repeating himself ad nauseum. The comments he was rightfully spanking were corrosive and in this humble Jawa's opinion, warranted deletion. Apologies to GM and the readers for the confusion.

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