July 28, 2006

See The Difference?


I was just GoogleEarthing the Israeli/Lebanon border. I haven't done any homework to see if this has been pointed out anywhere else, but I thought I'd share the screen shots with you anyway.

Building on the prophetic Michael Totten dispatches from earlier this year and last, these ariel shots of the landscape also somewhat revealing. Notice the brown, dried up fields on the top portion of the screens. Contrast them with the Isaeli side on the bottom half. I don't know if there is a sudden patch of heat and dry land after you cross that white borderline, but something seems weird there. The landscape is dead. Hostile. Threatning. The IDF has been monitoring the areas for years now, and against all cibvebtuibs if common sense, refrained from incurring into soverign Lebanese territory. The spoke of the Hezbullah infested region with seriousness and dissapointment. Emphasis mine.

“I have worked on the Jordanian and Egyptian borders,” he said. “This is the worst. The strangest feeling here is that the other side is a no-man’s land. There is no authority that you’re working against. It is extremely out of the ordinary to see any Lebanese police or army. Only Hezbollah is armed.”

“What do you see when you look at Lebanon?” I asked the lieutenant.

“I see poverty and difficult circumstances,” he said. “I see poor farmers who work hard. After so many years of war, the last thing they probably want is more war.”

“Do you know what you’re looking at when you look into the towns?” I said.

“We track movement on the other side,” he said. “I can tell you exactly what each of those buildings are for.”


You can tell the IDF soldiers were exactly right in their assesments just from gleaning sattelite images of the area. You can also note the difference in the "life" of each side of the border. Death surrounds Hezbollah. Life surrounds Israel. Creepy but undeniable.


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