July 22, 2006

WND: Why my website was banned in India

My first WorlNetDaily column is up!

Two days after the Mumbai bombings last week that killed more than 180, the government of India issued a directive banning 17 websites. These websites were singled out because, according to the Indian government, they might incite religious violence. The nine American websites banned by India are all critical of the Islamist movement. Not a single website of Islamic extremists justifying and even celebrating the Mumbai bombings has been banned......

The very definition of tolerance is to allow that which we do not agree with. The moment Muslims demand that their governments punish those who say, write or depict things they find offensive, they reveal their intolerance.

So, the reaction of our websites was to make fun of this overreaction. Oddly, mocking the intolerant is now considered a form of intolerance by many in the world.

The specific reason for India's ban was that our reactions to the Quran-flushing story could cause religious violence. Since it was only websites deemed offensive to Muslims that were banned, we know precisely who it is that India fears.

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Remember, India believes that we are the #2 biggest threat on the internet. We're dangerous, but Hezbollah isn't.

The more I think about being a columnist, the more I think maybe that turd-for-brains Ahmadinejad may be on to something about Armageddon.

Be wary of horsmen coming in fours, hidden imams being revealed, and be on the lookout for flying pigs.

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