July 21, 2006

Group Burns Koran, Roe vs Wade and Gay Pride Flag

Muslims and Lefties were of course outraged. The burning of an actual Koran is an insult. But where were they when our flag was burned? Where are they when symbols we love are abused?

Clarion Ledger: Jackson Muslims and a statewide interfaith group reacted with disgust Wednesday to reports that the national anti-abortion group Operation Save America burned a Quran during a Tuesday night gathering at a Pearl church.

"A group that acts in such a hateful way does not really represent the word of God," said Emad Al-Turk, co-founder of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson.

Activists from Operation Save America, formerly known as Operation Rescue, have been in Jackson since Saturday for eight days of protests against the state's only abortion clinic, the Jackson Women's Health Organization in the Fondren neighborhood.

During a demonstration at the Capitol on Tuesday, anti-abortion activists tore up pages from the Quran, the Muslim holy book, along with a gay pride flag and copies of six U.S. Supreme Court rulings related to religion in public schools, sodomy and abortion.

Imam Shaheed Muhammad of Masjid Muhammad in Jackson said Islam opposes abortion.

"We don't support abortion," he said. "I don't know why they would attach us on that issue."

For Muslims, desecrating the Quran or any holy book is the "highest degree of insult," Muhammad said.

In the conference's statement, chairwoman Mary Woodward said, "On behalf of the faith community, I apologize from the depths of my heart to the Muslim community in our state for the acts perpetrated against them by individuals acting in the name of Jesus Christ. Their actions are not Christian and are not American."

So thatís nice, an apology but where is our apology?

Islamic Thinkers Society openly burns our flag in NYC. Real.


Palestinians burn our flag via Michelle Malkin. Real too.


US and Iraeli flags burned in Beirut. Real


And who can forget this classic from a demonstration in Pakistan where a bit more than just our flag is on fire.


But Howie those are flags not bibles you say?

Soldiers Perspective: This photo is of an Arabic Bible found on the ground near Al Zarqawiís auntís, daughterís, neighborís, dogís water bowl. Itís a crying shame and it alone should be reason enough to demand apologies:
AUTHORíS NOTE: I am a devout Christian and these images are only meant to show what can be done with photoshop and a lack of imagination. I do NOT condone the desecration of ANY holy scripture, whether it come from the Torah, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Koran, or a Taco Bell sauce packet.

I agree with this man. I would never destroy a Koran. There is a difference between fake photo-shop teases and actual destruction. Some Muslims regularly burn our flag, leave our bible in a dog pen(dogs are unclean under Islam), Call for Death to America and disrespect our nation and yet there is silence. In fact some will fight all day long to protect their right to do so. Itís no different for these people. They have a right to burn a Koran if they so choose. Itís a book. I would not but their right it is.

Also see Blah3

A local imam was rather puzzled, as he says Islam doesn't support abortion. But that's asking for logical thought in a group that just wants to roll in the hatred like pigs rolling in slop. Brings up the old question: Who Would Make Jesus Weep?
Real : Mulsims burn our president in effigy along with our flag.


Photoshop demonstrating the impossiblility of flushing a Koran. Under Islam and Sharia law this is blasphemy. Punishment is death: Fake


Muslims in Denmark burning the Danish flag in protest over Muhammad Cartoons. Real


A Muhammed cartoon, my favorite. Depections of Muhammad are also blasphemy under Islam and Sharia. Punishment up to and including death.


Abdun Rahman who faced death for the "crime" of converting to Christianity in Afghanistan. Under Islamic law this is apostacy and the punishment is death. Real.


A very bad drawing I did inspired by childrens drawings I've seen from Darfur. These children survived the genocide under the Islamic terrorists who have taken Somalia. This too is blasphemy and the punishment? You guessed it death.

As a Christian I believe it's likely that Muhammed was The False Prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation. The False Prophet is Anti-Christ and works with Satan. Even speaking this faith under Sharia is blasphemous. The punishment of course is death.

So what s the difference? Well the main difference I see is not that either gets insulted. It's the reaction to the insult that counts.

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