July 20, 2006

Still Banned in India, Why It Still Matters, & How You Can Still Help

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India is still censoring this website. Apparently, India considers making fun of terrorists and their Islamist supporters more dangerous than the terrorists themselves. We are #2 on India's list of 17 websites that are being censored.

India reemphasized the ban today. Contrary to MSM reports, the only retreat was from the broader domain level ban, which was instituted by ISPs in India as a way to follow the directive to ban this and other websites.

You can see a copy of the document ordering us shut down in India here. The U.S. websites were banned because they are anti-Islamist in orientation. I am told that the other websites were either Hindu nationalists, advocated for the rights of the lower castes, or were anti-Communist in orientation.

How you can help

We ask that you write your Congressperson about India's actions against those of us on the web who fight the dangers of sharia, political Islam, and the institution of blasphemy laws.

You can contact the Indian Embassy here.

Also, we ask that you call in to local and national talk-radio shows so that this will begin to receive wider press.

Please read our original post Why The Jawa Report Was Banned in India and Why it Matters here. If you are a blogger, please link to that post to show your solidarity with the Band of the Banned. If you are a reader, please drop a comment into the comment section of that post.

We appreciate all of the support that we have been getting. This would not hurt if it were Pakistan or Saudi Arabia banning us. We have been longtime supporters of India and will continue to support India in spite of this slap in the face by her government.

The Band of the Banned

*Exposing the Left (aka, OpiniPundit--called 'dangerous' in Indian press)
*The Pirate's Cove
*Merri Musings (Indian government banned her old website, now abandond--also, the lovely bride of The Jawa Report's Editor-in-Chief, Vinnie)
*Princess Kimberly (now defunct)
*Editors in Pajamas
*Commonfolk Using Commonsense (their old website banned)
*My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

UPDATE: We got shirts!

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