July 19, 2006

British Islamist Website Shut Down

The Alghurabaa website has been shut down. You may remember Alghurabaa from such classic videos as "Let's mock 7/7 & 9/11 Victims", such fatwas as "let's kill cartoon blasphemers" & protests such as "behead those who blaspheme Mohammed".

Thank you to the good folks at 1&1 Internet for their cooperation in shutting down the terror supporters website. And thank you to the British government for finally taking action against the remaining followers of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Unfortunately, The Saved Sect's--the Birmingham based sister organization of Alghurabaa-- website is still active. You can contact their Hong Kong based webserver with abuse complaints by e-mailing pihkcomplaint@pacific.net.hk.

Complaining to the companies that do business with terror supporters does work. Okay, sometimes it works. Be persistent.

If a company refuses to take a terror website offline, please contact me.

Now go start complaining to these companies that do business with Hezbollah!

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