July 19, 2006

The Anti-Idiotarian Yorkie

Never one to be encumbered by fact, Debbie Schlussel goes for the brass ring.

One thing is lost in all the press coverage of the whining Americans who went to Lebanon of their own accord and now want us to pick up the tab to get them out.


Okay, that's all well and good, I guess, despite the fact that she doesn't back up her claim with anything but her own word. Which, I might add, is a vocabulary consisting of mostly "I'LL SUE!"

So, let's examine. 25,000 Americans in Lebanon, the majority of whom, according to the blogtard, are Hezbollah supporters. How many have been evacuated so far?


How many are our military planning to evacuate? 5-8,000.

Yet our intrepid warrior says this:

is it a good idea to rush to bring 25,000 such persons back to the U.S. at a time when Hezbollah is at war against the strongest U.S. ally?

Back to reality:

The evacuated Americans will be taken to Cyprus, where they can choose to go on to their homes or fly to other countries.

So St. Deborah Of The Factually Challenged™ is concerned that a marauding horde of rampaging Hezbollah supporters numbering 25,000 will invade our shores at our expense.

Even though it's a marauding horde of homogenous U.S. citizens invading Cyprus for much cheaper. With an option to go elsewhere on their own dime.

If my knee were jerking, I might agree with this:

Should Hezbollah supporters be transported on a ship named for one of the most heroic events in U.S. history, the U.S.S Iwo Jima? Should U.S. tax dollars fund the charter of commercial ships to transport the rest of these terror-sympathizers?

The instant answer from all freedom-loving Americans to these questions should be a loud "NO."

Well, if Deb would provide actual proof that the majority of the people being evacuated are Hezbollah sympathizers, I might hesitate at endorsing the action. But, then again, if all of these Hezbollah sympathizers are being evacuated, isn't in our best interests to keep tabs on them? Especially since they're going to a Mediterranean island?

Here's a nice picture of the people that Debbie Schlussel doesn't want your tax dollars being spent to evacuate:


Yup, looks like a Hezbollah supporter to me. More can be found here.

In conclusion, I have to voice my deepest suspicions. Debbie Schlussel is a mole. She's a Kos Kid tasked to invade the right wing, her mission to make us look bad. She has all the classic earmarks of a leftist, i.e.

Presents conclusions based on nothing.

Retaliates on those who disagree with litigation.

Calls for a boycott of Wal Mart.

The photo on her site doesn't match the real Deborah.

Whatever she is, she's definitely a blogtard.

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