July 19, 2006

OpiniPundit Banned in India (Updated*Bumped) Jawa too

UPDATED by Rusty: Jawa Report banned in India because we might offend Muslims.

To paraphrase Saint Bono: I wouldn't want to offend you.

WSJ article. Notice they spelled our URL wrong? I know any publicity is good publicity, but if you're going to cite us as a banned website then the least you could do is spell our url correctly!

Odd, since we are such big supporters of India. But I guess they think the root cause of terrorism is offensive language.

Way to fight terror there India! I'm sure it's a winning strategy.

Well it's not a fatwa but I suppose it will have to do

Reader Patrick tells me that we have been banned in India for ostensibly spreading a doctrine of hate.

The DoT is of the opinion that some of these sites were being used by banned organisations to transmit messages to their colleagues. Blog entries cannot be tracked as easily as email. The sites that were asked to be blocked include hindunity.og and exposingtheleft.blogspot.com. All ISPs do not seem to have implemented the ban uniformly, yet. Bloggers in India meanwhile complained that they were having problems accessing popular blogs on the Google owned blogspot. There are some 150 ISPs in India.

Just a humble jr. Jawa doing his part.

UPDATE: Well it's no joke and it's not a screwup, the Indian government is most definately pi$$ed. This from the Indian Express......

Exposingtheleft.blog is dangerous

NEW DELHI, JULY 18: Clearly, the government has a lot to handle since the seven serial blasts in Mumbai last Tuesday. Banning America’s anti-Left website ExposingTheLeft.Blogspot.Com is a start.

Viewed through pkblogs.com, a website that helps you bypass the official Indian ban (its home page invites you if your blog is blocked in India, Pakistan, Iran or China), ExposingTheLeft.Blogspot.Com makes only one reference to Mumbai, which is: ‘‘At least 131 killed in India train bombings: More humanitarian acts from the ‘Religion of Peace’.’’

This may be offensive and so could the rest of this website—but largely for anti-Bush voters in the United States as it tracks domestic politics, takes several swipes at Iran, applauds a court ruling against same-sex marriages, and slams the Hizbollah. It has little to do with what Comrade Prakash Karat was thinking about or doing on 7/11.

ExposingTheLeft’s editors are aware of India’s gag order and their new post is: “Well, it’s not a fatwa but I suppose it will have to do.’’

Kudo's to Pragya Singh the journalist who wrote this peice as it is, relatively speaking, both accurate and fair.

As for the Indian government and those responsible for this "ban" my suggestion would be re-evaluate your priorities as there must be 6,763,397 more important things to concern yourself with then silencing little ole me.

btw, Dr. Shackleford is now on the list.

The restricted blogs and web sites sent to ISPs:

• pajamaeditor.blogspot.com

• exposingtheleft.blogspot.com

• princesskimberly.blogspot.com

• commonfolkcommonsense.blogspot

• mypetjava.mu.nu

• thepirateco.us

• hinduhumanrights.com/hindufocus.html

• rahulyadav.com

• dalitstan.com

• macker-old.com

• merrimusings.typepad.com

Companion OpiniPundit

Update by Vinnie: I find my wife's old Typepad URL in this list quite ironic. The company she works for once outsourced to India to answer emails. The company was abandoned for good reason. A customer wrote in an email "call me a jackass, but..." and the Indian rep answered back "Dear Jackass." Karma? you be the judge.

Another update by Vinnie: The wife responds to this outrage.

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