July 11, 2006

Fidel Castro Rumored Dead....Again

fidel-castro.jpgUPDATE: 7/24/2007: Rumors again, but much more buzz. Check this post for update: Fidel Castro dead.


UPDATE 7/12: Fidel not dead. Yet.


My sources are telling me that Fidel Castro is dead.

How reliable are these sources? Not very. They've told me this before.

But one of the lessons to be learned from The Boy Who Cried Wolf story is that, well, sometimes there really is a wolf.

Wishful thinking? Yes.

Just remember that one of these days my unreliable Cuban sources will be right. He aint getting any younger.

PS-Before I published this post, I figured I'd better check with Val at Babalu blog, since he's, you know, the man on Cuba. He's hearing the same thing. Jonah Goldberg, too.

Take it for what it's worth...which isn't much. But keep those fingers crossed.

UPDATE: I can't say where I got the tip from. Anonymous sources. Hey, if it's good enough for the NY Times.....

Val's reader got it from Venezuelan news, which got it from Spain's EFE.

Trevor, one of my commenters, says he heard it on Venezuelan TV, then retracted. El Nacional (Venezuela) and EFE apparently both had stories up earlier, but now down. Yes, that Venezuela. You know, the one with Cindy Sheehan's macho boyfriend, Hugo Chavez, at its head.

Wonkette, too.

But check this out from The Real Cuba (thanks to anononymous tip in comments):

I received an e-mail from Cuba this afternoon saying that Castro is either dead or very gravely ill, but I don't have any way of confirming it.

The only interesting thing is that the e-mail is from the same person who sent me an e-mail early this year to tell me that Castro was planning to build a "forest of flags" to try to block the human right signs appearing at the US Mission. When I got that e-mail I posted the information also as rumor, but one day later ABC News confirmed the story.

However, since I don't know who this person in Cuba really is, I don't have any way of knowing if what he is saying now is true or not.

Knock. On. Wood.

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