July 10, 2006

British Muslims Mock 7/7 & 9/11 Victims, Support Terror. U.K./Birmingham Subsidizing (UPDATED/BUMPED)

Brooks-Izadeen-7-7-video3.jpgAllah now has the video up. It's truly sickening. In it, the speaker makes fun of Korean hostage Kim Sun-Il, murdered by Tawhid i Jihad (predecessor of al Qaeda) for begging for his life. The audience laughs.

They laugh at the beheading murder of a Korean tourist, then condemn terrorism.....the "terrorism of the British government".

I saw the video of Kim Sun-Il being murdered. Anyone who laughs at it, should be dead or in jail. I'm truly sickened.


A new video of British Muslims at a 7/7 conference shows just how big a problem the West has with a fifth column of terror supporters among us. In the video, a Jamaican born immigrant named Trevor Brooks--introduced as Abu Izadeen-- takes the microphone and goes off on an hour-long rant about how Britain can avoid another 7/7 attack.

Although the video has been taken down from the website run by British followers of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, thanks to Dominic Whiteman and other members (who wish to remain anonymos at this time) from a secret London based organization called Vigil, The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. Video can be seen here.

The video is shot at a Birmingham community center on July 2, 2006. The video was released on the internet on 7/7, in order to coincide with the anniversary of the London bombings. Interestingly enough, The Jawa Report had previously tracked down followers of the now exiled radical cleric Omar Bakri Muhammed to The Birmingham Grid for Learning, which is owned and operated by the City of Birmingham.

Does the City of Birmingham know that its public facilities are being used by members of The Saved Sect, al Ghurabaa, the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and other spin-off groups from the now banned al Mujahiroun group to spread hate, extremism, and support for terrorism?

You may remember these British Islamists from their website (which we archived since they deny it) and subsequent protest in which they called for 'death to all those who insult Mohammed'.

Despite a few arrests and the forced exile of their leader Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed to Lebanon, Tony Blair's government has not followed through with promises made to shut down this network of radical Islamists.

In an interview over the weekend, Bakri presented himself as a spokesman for the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, headed by Osama Bin Laden. He warned that, ""the day will come that the flag of Islam will fly over the Big Ben and the British Parliament."

The American branch of this organization is known as The Islamic Thinkers Society. This is the group that publicly burned American flags, assaulted a woman and claimed that 'next time we will get all of New York', and who openly advocate Sharia law for the U.S.

To further add insult to injury, our sources in Vigil indicate that the majority of those present at the Birmingham conference are unemployed – following the advice of their spiritual leader Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, they are bleeding the British state dry by claiming unemployment & other social welfare benefits. Exept for a few journalists from the British press, all of the attendees were dressed in Middle Eastern garb.

“You are scared of death”, Brooks/Izadeen bellows at the journalists, claiming they are guilty for the Iraq and Afghanistan war and the slaughter of Muslims round the world.

Brooks/Izadeen is careful to point out that he is not glorifying terrorism, yet he slighly makes fun of victims of both the 7/7 London bombings and the 9/11 attacks by playing with words, voice inflection, and facial expressions.

He mentions “Osama” in glowing terms of praise, waiting several moments then adding the surname of some other Osama from history. He is shocked himself when he mentions “911” and a cry goes up from the crowd of “allahu akbar” (meaning “Allah is the greatest”), after which there are smiles all round.

The Times of London adds this (via Charles Johnson at LGF):

The audience laughs as Omar Brooks, a British Muslim convert who also uses the name Abu Izzadeen, makes fun of non-Muslims as “animals” and “cowards”....

He contrasts the supposed bravery of [Mohammad Sidique] Khan’s suicide to the “kuffar” (non-Muslims [RS: actually, "infidels"]) who are characterised as debauched binge-drinkers who vomit and urinate in the street....

At one point he announces dramatically that the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center “changed many people’s lives”. After a pause, he brings the house down by adding: “Especially those inside.”...

Brooks is dismissive of calls for reconciliation. “I know as Friday approaches there will be many epitaphs and speeches and sermons, and maybe the archbishop of somewhere or other is going to come out and say, you know, we’ll call for peace around the world blah, blah, blah.

“But if we took the time to read Mohammad Sidique Khan’s will [the video confession broadcast after the attacks], we will see the answer for our problems.”

Our sources within Vigil also point out that some of what is said by Brooks/Izadeen indicate that he may be personally connected to the al Qaeda network that perpetrated the 7/7 attacks.

Western Resistance (again via LGF) has a great profile of Brooks/Izadeen here. Brooks has praised the 7/7 bombers in the past, and in much more glowing terms than in the present video.

Several official written statement from the London branch of Bakri's followers, the 'al Ghurubaa' (the strangers), about the 'causes' of 7/7 can be found at their website here. While they are careful to 'condemn' the 7/7 bombers, they also equivocate between civilians accidentally killed by Western troops with the purposeful and targetted killings of civilians by Islamic terrorists.

Mahmud Abdul Baari uses the very popular stories told by Muslims of rape and murder in Iraq to legitimize the 7/7 bombings here. Although there is no evidence that the story is true, it is believed because frankly, most Muslims around the world want to believe that the West is full of such barbarism. For instance, this flyer at the website (backed up here) which contrasts "Islamic Values" with "British Values". What exactly are 'British Values':

state terrorism, exploitation, homosexuality, alchohol, gambling
And another post by Baari explains:
Do I condemn the young British terrorists who were born Muslims and raised in the UK and then went on to terrorise innocent people? Who engaged in murder and terrorism of innocent people? Of course! I must condemn all of those British born terrorists in the British army who travel all the way across the globe to a foreign country to kill, murder, rape and pillage in Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorists like Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi who although born Muslim, grew up to become an apostate traitor to Islam and professional terrorist who unlike members of Al Qa’idah took a salary for his terror.

It is very strange though isn’t it, that if any Muslim sang praises for Mohammed Siddiq Khan or Hasib Hussain similar to what nearly every British newspaper has been printing about Jabron Hashmi, they would be accused of glorifying terrorism! Why is it that to praise and glorify and hold pride for a home-grown terrorist such as Hashmi is acceptable but even to sympathise with any Muslim who wishes to defend his homeland in Palestine or Iraq is glorifying terrorism?

Indeed it is clear that the difference between Hasib Hussain and Jabron Hashmi is only that one has died as a Muslim terrorist while the other was an apostate terrorist, the former killed non-Muslims while the latter only killed Muslims. Allah (swt) says,

But it's not enough that Bakri's followers equivocate between Islamic terrorists and Muslims who are British soldiers. The hidden message in the condemnation of Hashimi (who died while fighting in Iraq) is that British soldiers who are Muslim are not only legitimate targets in war, but that Sharia law demands that they be killed. Apostasy is a capital offense under sharia. Any Islamist reading this message would understand immediately that Baari was calling on them to kill British soldiers who are Muslim.

In the "7/7 Dossier" prepared by "The Islamic Research Forum"--another front for the banned al-Muhajiroun-- there is no doubt left as to whom is to blame for the London bombings.

The publication is full of the language of radical jihadism. Instead of the "War on Terror", it uses the expression "global... jihad". Instead of "acts of terrorism" it labels bombings across the globe "operations".

The people of Spain, it claims, have not been attacked since the Madrid bombings because they changed governments. "Despite warnings from al Qaeda in April of 2004, Tony Blair was re-elected as Prime Minister by the public in the U.K." The clear implication being that civilians in the U.K. were not innocents, but had the blood of British "attrocities" on their hands.

The report goes on and on like this. Most Muslims who have been arrested in the U.K. are innocent (including those found with ricin), and the few who may have been guilty were either justified or reacting to misdeeds.

What is alarming about the activities of the followers of Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammed is that they make these statements openly. If this is what they say in English and to the press, then imagine what they are saying behind closed doors when they believe the eyes of the infidels are not upon them. And for every admitted follower of radical Islamism, how many silent sympathizers are there? Truly frightening.

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