July 07, 2006

American al Qaeda Traitor Adam Gadahn Appears on al Qaeda 7/7 Tribute (Video)

adam_gadah_as_sahab.jpgAdam Yahiye Gadahn, aka Azzim al Amriki (Azzim the American), appears on the latest al Qaeda produced video paying tribute to the 7/7 London bombing murderers. I have the al Qaeda video. It's pretty sick and disgusting. But saying an al Qaeda produced video is sick and disgusting is kind of redundant.

In it, the California native justifies the murders of American civilians because America is a democracy and thus its citizens are fair targets. By this logic Gadahn is encouraging Muslims to murder his own family....unless, of course, Orange County is no longer part of the United States.

Let me explain the difference between when we kill civilians and when they kill civilians.

US: Oh, shit, sorry.
Them: Dirka dirka, praise Allah!

You can check out the Gadahn portion of the video here along with Allah's commentary. Here are some other video clips from the as Sahab (al Qaeda's production company---yes, al Qaeda has a production company).

Adam Gadahn's FBI file. Here is his FBI file photo. The hessian terrorist!


UPDATE: Incidentally, last night I had a dream that I met Gadahn on the campus of my alma mater. I kicked his ass. No joke.

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