July 03, 2006

State of New Jersey Shut Down, No One Notices

In fact residents one resident was rumored to say, “Had we known how little government actually accomplishes with all that money they spend, we’d have shut their asses down years ago!"

Yahoo News : TRENTON, N.J. - Courts, motor vehicle offices and inspection stations are closed. Lottery ticket sales have been halted. The same could happen to betting at race tracks and casinos.

More than half the state work force was staying home Monday on the first weekday of a statewide shutdown that began after lawmakers missed a July 1 deadline to adopt a new state budget.

The furlough affects about 45,000 state employees. It exempts personnel deemed essential, including state police, prison guards, child welfare workers and some administration staff.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine closed state government Saturday amid an impasse with fellow Democrats in the Assembly that left New Jersey with no means to spend money. He met in private with top Assembly and Senate leaders for nearly four hours Sunday but no compromise was reached.

Some things are just too important to shut down because they earn too much money, like the “Holiday Safety Harass and Bilk As Many Drivers Out Of $50 As We Can Copfest” for instance. Kentucky is actually advertising it’s Police State Weekend with a cool commercial graphic showing the entire state lit up with blue flashing lights. But don't get the idea it’s a police state they just thought it looked cool.

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