June 30, 2006

Playboy Models Investigated in Indondesia

First the news that the editor of Indonesian Playboy was under investigation, now news that two Playboy models are also suspected of, er, what crime is this again? Yes, we have pics. Just scroll down.

And before you go shooting your mouth off about how it's real progress that a Muslim country even allowed Playboy to be published in the first place and making yourself look like a fool, I'll remind you that it wasn't published in Muslim Indonesia. It was published in Bali. Bali is a Hindu enclave ruled by the Muslim Jakarta government. You know, Hindus? The people that gave us the Kama Sutra? Ringing a bell?

But, maybe there is a simpler explanation for all this. I might have to do some 'investigating' myself, if I were an Indonesian cop.


The editor of Playboy Indonesia and two models whose pictures appeared in the magazine's first edition are being investigated for violating indecency laws, police said on Friday.

Jakarta police spokesman Ketut Untung Yoga said models Andara Early and Kartika Gunawan had posed indecently in the edition, which was issued from the Indonesian capital, and editor-in-chief Erwin Arnada should also be held responsible.

"There are three suspects. Each will be processed based on their roles. Many more may come," he said.

Under Indonesian law, declaring somebody a suspect is a stage before formal charges are filed.

Yoga said under laws banning public indecency offenders face a maximum penalty of 32 months in jail.

Here is a scanned photo from the first issue of the Indonesian version of Playboy. It's Andara Early, as scanned by this dude in Indonesia, who was also the cover model. It's absoulutely pornographic and shocking! I'm sickened and disgusted. She ought to be locked up a long and the key thrown away!

WARNING: Safe for work. Really. Not even PG-13. Barely PG.

And this is Kartika Gunawan. Pretty.


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