June 30, 2006

University to Review 9-11 “Truth” Professor

It seems the University of Wisconsin-Madison is growing tired of being the center of conspiracy theory.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Thursday that it would launch a review of an instructor who argues that the U.S. government orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks for its own benefit.

The instructor, Kevin Barrett, is co-founder of an organization called the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, which claims the Bush administration planned the attacks to create a war between Muslims and Christians. He argues that members of the faiths must work together to overcome the belief that terrorists were to blame.

"The 9/11 lie was designed to sow hatred between the faiths," Barrett has written on the organization's Web site.

"Either we discuss the compelling evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, or there is precious little to talk about."

Never mind UBL’s claim of responsibility, London, Madrid or the USS Cole, etc, etc Move along.
Barrett, who did not return calls Thursday and an e-mail seeking comment, has taught a class on cultural folklore and is scheduled to teach an introductory class on Islam this fall in Madison. He has said he discusses his views on Sept. 11 in the classroom….
Never miss a chance to wash a young mind.
…Nass released a statement calling on Chancellor John Wiley to fire Barrett immediately.

…"The fact that Mr. Barrett uses his position at UW-Madison to add credibility to his outlandish claims is an unacceptable embarrassment to the people of Wisconsin and the UW System," Nass said. "Chancellor Wiley must act immediately to end any professional relationship between Barrett and the UW. He needs to be fired."

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea.

Others Blue Crab Boulevard and Prospect.

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