June 30, 2006

Yes, We Can Feel The Love...

There's been a huge outpouring of support for the Return of the Jawa. I'm guessing all the Jawas are humbled by this show of support.

To translate for any Turkish jihadi morons in the audience, the aptals and ahmaks who hit the Jawa Report have managed to do nothing more than make this blog quite newsworthy. What this means is, the Jawa Report's exposure, including but not limited to the world-famous Karnival of the Koran Krapping, is almost guaranted to be higher after the goat-stuffers' little stunt than it was before. Good move. Way to go, Sherlocks. I'm guessing your mothers dropped you a lot when you were children. Do you think your moon god will still love you when he realizes you're a bunch of morons? I wouldn't count on it.

At any rate, given the scope of the support out there, I'm sure I've missed some, but here are a few of those who deserve gratitude (and traffic):

Protein Wisdom notes:

After fighting off a nasty case of internal Turkish log infestation (and we all know how painful that can be) The Jawa Report is now back up and running. . . .
JunkyardBlog: "In other words, this is a site the terrorists donít want you to read. Thatís a better endorsement than anything I could offer."

Banter in Atlanter: "They're Baaaaaaaaack!"

Liberty and Justice:"they're truly back... with the famous attitude."

Say Anything: "If you're a Jawa fan re-commence reading. If you're not, you should be."

Rachel at ChannellingChloe: "You donít realize how much you miss a blog until itís offline for 2 weeks."

Clarity and Resolve: "Welcome back to the ideological battle against the peaceful inner struggle, guys."

LeatherPenguin: "Armor upgraded; attitude intact: The Jawa Report is Back!"

Kate at small dead animals: "The Jawa Report has survived after being temporarily abducted by cyberjihadis"

Annika: "Dr. Rusty has returned, MacArthur-like, from across the waves of Islamist DDOS attacks."

Not Exactly Rocket Science: "the JAWAS have returned!"

Politechnical: "My Favorite Pet Jawaís Back!"

Freedom Folks: "Dr. Rusty returns with a fiery missive"

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: "The Jawa Report is BACK! Take that, Islamotards!"

Atlas Shrugs: "My Pet Jawa is back! YAY!"

Sondra K: "can't keep a good man down"

Additional props to:

CDR Salamander


Don Surber

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

The Golden Gate

Expose the Left

Musing Minds

Riehl World View


Outside The Beltway

In the Bullpen

Rocket's Brain Trust -

Uncommon Truths

The Blorg

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