June 29, 2006

Welcome Home Rusty!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Jawa Report. Same as the old Jawa Report, only even more so!

Sorry about the prolonged outage. The denial of service attacks against this blog were taking down the whole of mu.nu, so I had to turn this blog off until I could get a dedicated server just for Rusty. Unfortunately, instead of the usual 24 hours, our hosting company took nine days to deliver the server. And even then, it was messed up.

Two days for me to reconfigure it and load up all the Jawa goodness (I somehow missed the Sung Hi Lee pic the first time and had to go back and get it) and, finally, here we are.

Comments are slow. I've tweaked things to speed them up, so now they are only really slow instead of apallingly slow. That will get fixed this weekend; we have a new comment system under test which is something like a hundred times faster. (And there's an even more advanced version to follow that is twenty times faster than that.)

In the meantime, I leave you in the capable hands of the Macktastic Dr Rusty!

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