June 29, 2006

Telegraph : Human Rights Ruling Leaves Anti-Terror Law in Tatters

The Daily Telegraph reports that British courts are systematically gutting the Anti-Terror laws:

John Reid, the Home Secretary, said the Government would seek to overturn the decision in the Court of Appeal. The appeal hearings are expected next Monday.

Mr Reid insisted . . .

. . . that control orders were necessary to protect the public from a threat from foreign nationals who could not be deported.

"Public safety is our top priority," he said.

Mr Justice Sullivan ruled that the Home Secretary had no power to make the orders, which breached article 5 of the convention, so they must be quashed. . .

It was not the first time that Mr Justice Sullivan had clashed with the Government over anti-terrorism laws.

Last month he ruled that nine Afghan hijackers should be allowed to stay in Britain, blocking Home Office moves to deport them. Tony Blair described that ruling as an "abuse of common sense".

The latest ruling is a serious embarrassment for the Prime Minister just over a week before the first anniversary of the July 7 London bombings.

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