June 29, 2006

MEMRI on Zarqawi

D. Hazan posts an interesting retrospective on Zarqawi at MEMRI.ORG

Though Abu-Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi is no longer a player in the Iraqi arena, it is important to review and analyze the military and political circumstances in Iraq surrounding his killing. This report presents the deterioration, prior to Al-Zarqawi's death, of his relations with his Sunni allies, which had reached the point of violent clashes and mutual killings. This violence emanated from the increased political participation by Sunni organizations and parties in the elections and, subsequently, in the establishment of a new democratic government in Iraq - and from Al-Zarqawi's opposition to these developments.

Al-Zarqawi realized that this process was isolating him more and more, and that, consequently, the threat to his life was increasing. This realization led him to react in a contradictory, almost hysterical manner, repeatedly alternating between threats and pleas. On the one hand, he escalated his threats against his Sunni allies who had turned to take part in the political process in Iraq - first in the 2005 elections and later in the establishment of the new government. On the other hand, he implored them in flattering tones not to lay down their weapons but to continue the jihad, comparing them to the Prophet Muhammad's warriors. The following are examples:...
It's a long read, but for anyone who wonders whether Zarqawi's death matters in the "grand scheme," the report definitely sheds some light on the answer.
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