June 29, 2006

Jonesin' for some Jawa...

Yes, the Jawas have been offline. But never alone, and never forgotten. Fellow bloggers never lost sight of what the attack on the Jawa meant for all bloggers who dare to speak out against Islamofascism. A sampling:

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy notes that Mu.nu is down for regularly scheduled Friday Islamofascism:

Well, it looks like the Islamotards got mu.nu again. These poor little babies whose feewings get so hurt really are just hurting so badly because of The Jawa Report’s Karnival of Koran Krapping–which was posted a YEAR ago. This group of delicate, blushing little ladies who are doing the DOS attacks are from the land of the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk–Turkey. You know, he’s the guy that brought Turkey out of the Stone Age and brought at least the larger cities into the 20th century–much to the chagrin of the pedophiliac followers of radical Islam, who prefer 7th Century standards.

Beth was not alone...

Susie at Practical Penumbra posted The pause that refreshes:

Ordinarily, inability to post or to read my favorite blogs would be a major annoyance. But, under the circumstances, I feel proud to be a Munuvian rather than irritated that I've been inconvenienced.
Being American in T.O. posted Letting people choose:

... despite the inconvenience, there's also some satisfaction that a fellow Munuvian is pissing off the right people but that is offset by the infuriating fact that the Jawa Report is still off-line...

Greg at Rhymes With Right posted Jawa Report Under Attack By Cyber-Jihadis:

And may these Islmaist sons of swine, who keep attacking the free men and women of the blogosphere in a futile attempt to silence the truth, one day receive a gift ordered from the same catalog as that recently delivered to Abu Musam al-Zarqawi.

Little Green Footballs posted Jawa Report Attacked by Islamist Hackers:

The Jawa Report is the latest victim of Islamic “web terrorism,” a Distributed Denial of Service attack originating in Turkey.

Michelle Malkin tipped her hat:

MuNu hacked again by cyberjihadists targeting The Jawa Report

Terri Goon at I think ^(link) therefore I er... said this:

The Jawa Report has been attacked, again. You know you're good when they keep shutting you down.

Tim at OpinionBug.com posted Jawa Report Attacked By Islamic Cyberterrorists

cobalt blue at Pure Gum Spirits posted Jawa Report Under Attack

One of my favorite blogs has been put out of commission. The Jawa Report has come under attack by Islamic fascists who cannot tolerate your freedom of speech if you disagree with them.

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove posted Islamotards Take Down The Jawa Report. For Now:
Those peace and free speech lovin' Islamotards have taken down The Jawa Report with a denial of service attack, at least for the time being. The Pirate's Cove and American Flag League stand in solidarity with Rusty et all in defying the scumbag Islamotards, who are so loved by so many on the Left.
Banter in Atlanter posted Jawa Report Still Down:
... to tell you the truth, I'm jonesin' for some Jawa.
Ground State Blog posts these words of support:
One of my favorite blogs, the Jawa Report - is under attack. ... I'm sure the Jawa Report will use the force to get back online soon and issue me a fatwa.
Phibian Salamander at CDR Salamander posted on The Siege of Tatoonine:
Right now, what I would argue is one of the most important foot soldiers in this war is under siege. For the last couple of weeks, Field Marshall (Dr.) Rusty Shackleford's main site, The Jawa Report, has been under a denial of service attack.
Mike W at Naked Villainy posted:
Keep checking in on Dr Rusty.
If you don't, the terrorists have won. And, unfortunately, that is not any hyperbole. They will have shut down a site that exposes their deeds for any who want to see.
Amen to that. Thanks to all of you for keeping attention focused on this common and serious threat to the freedom of speech.

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