June 29, 2006

The Jawa Report is Back (*Sticky* scroll down for new posts)

Douglas_MacArthur-returning.jpgAfter nearly two weeks of fighting a cyberterrorist attack launched by Turkish Islamists, and then wrestling with a new server, The Jawa Report is back!

We promise to continue the reporting the news the only way we know how--with mediocre analysis & plenty of offense. If that's just a little bit more than Islam can allow, then to quote Kos, screw them.

For free thinking Muslims of the world we say: join us on our quest of exposing the danger of the bearded ones. While they may attack our website, we know you are exposed daily to much greater dangers which may result from offending their religous sensibilities.

Our website may have been beheaded for the last two weeks, but it is nothing compared to the barbarity, torture, and murder done in the name of Allah on a daily basis. We write from the luxury afforded by distance, while you face real danger on the front line. You have our sympathy and our solidarity.

In recent weeks we have received hundreds of messages of support. Thank you one and all. There were times that I toyed with the idea of calling it quits. If it wasn't for all the, "hey, I need my Jawa fix" letters, I may have actually hung up the ol' blogging gloves. Thank you.

Occasionally, though, I received "you have my sympathy, but" letters. Usually the but was followed by something like, you really deserved this and the world is better off without you.

I am under the impression that these people precisely fit Dennis Prager's definition of a moral idiot. They are not able to weigh the morality of actions against other actions, and are then left only to make statements of morality based on nothing more than---well, whatever whim may carry the moment. Usually that whim is some sentiment currently in fashion in elite cirlces.

They proclaim, you can't say that about Islam. It's hate speech.

To which I reply: So, we can kill our enemies, but we cannot make fun of them?

It's worse than upside down logic, it's an upside down moral compass. Idiots can always be dealt with, but moral idiots are dangerous because they are often times the most sophisticated and intelligent among us. Instead of muddling through life, they focus their energies on moral goals and then act, in a rational way, to ensure that those goals are accomplished.

Luckily, not all moral idiots pose the same level of danger to themselves or to their communities. Some are simply ignorant of true evil, while others are actively engaged in spreading it.

Marx was a moral idiot. Lenin was a moral idiot. Hitler was a moral idiot. Stalin was a moral idiot. Mao was a moral idiot. None of these men were stupid. None of them were ammoral, as is often argued. All of them were both brilliant and moral. It was just the wrong morality.

The postmodernists are wrong: moral conviction isn't responsible for the genocides of the last century, it was the wrong moral convictions.

Gandhi and King were also men of moral conviction. As was Dwight D. Eisenhower who led a self-proclaimed Crusade in Europe against the forces of barbarity in his day.

When I created this blog, it was because I was convinced of this one thing: our enemies fight us because they actually believe they are acting morally. They kill us because they believe we are the bad guys. They fight because they believe we are the source of their miserable lives. They are willing to die for the idea that only through instituting sharia law can the world be improved.

Our enemies are not dumb. Our enemies are not nihilists. They are dedicated idealogues of the worst kind. Like Communists before them, they believe their vision of the world superior to ours. Like fascists before them, they believe their definition of freedom is superior to ours.

No, I do not believe Muslims are our enemies, but I do believe political Islam is. The extent to which a Muslim believes in the institution of sharia law is the extent to which he is my enemy.

Some of these enemies can be dealt with. These enemies believe in the gradual and peaceful institution of sharia law. They don't want to kill you, but they do want to rule you after they have siezed power in a democratic fashion. But make no illusion about them, they are still your enemy, only a far less dangerous one.

So, we will continue to fight them in deeds, but also in words. As promised, I have returned.

Please help spread the word that we're back.

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