June 16, 2006

Bom Bom Bom Bah Ba Dom Bah Ba Dom

Yes the evil Darth Odie er uh Darth Howie needs to be educated in the moral complexities of simple matters. Like why fighting those who seek to dominate us through fear and terror is just wrong. Check out this loving tolerant piece of reader love mail.

On 6/15/06, leavenow iraq leavenowiraq@yahoo.com wrote:


I would take the time to educate you on our way of life and our constitution but how? and to what end- augustus bushie II /MacClinton & Heil Hilary Lady MacClinton/ at the end of the day these british socialist shitbags of the left and right that follow the sons and daughters of satan instead of jesus and are british instead of american are not to blame for perverting the american experiment in liberty and freedom into the frankenstein monster of a police state and empire- you are people who don't even want to think just kill f*ck kill f*ck kill f*ck oh yeah and eat and watch tv.

Yes I do watch the news and Andy every night. Next he will attempt to instruct me on how I can waste mental energy by over thinking how to start my car in the morning. Note the racial tolerance of this liberal’s speech. Also note his assumption that we are pro war because we just don’t know any better. A theme I’ve noticed a lot lately," The unwashed masses need sophisticated liberals to look out for them because they are stinky and stupid. So we should take pity and get those foul smelly fools to vote for us. Then we can help them". Thanks but no thanks.

Credit Jim Davis for the image from my tie. Now remember you all should fear imperialists in Darth Odie ties.

It's also fun to watch them turn on Hillary. Of course she is attempting to pick up the middle vote. I agree with what she said but I don't feel her stance is genuine. When has any Clinton done anything that was not driven by polls? Sorry Hillary the middle just doesn't like you. It's not your position. So by going after what She can't get anyway she is suffering the wrath of the moonbats. So I'm not sure my description of this guy as liberal applies to all liberals. Just the nutty ones.

The other theme I noted yesterday was done by a Murray KY writer on WKMS. He droned on and on about how the NSA surveillance violates the constitution. He however left out one detail. Those protections are intended to protect citizens from criminal prosecution. They are not related to military activity. The military can gather all the intelligence it wants to protect the people. Now if that information is used in the prosecution of ordinary criminal cases then that may be a violation. A small but important detail he conveniently left out of his essay.

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