June 15, 2006

Heather Mills McCartney's Porn Video

Another day, another former Beatle wife nude. Thankfully, Heather Mill's McCartney is no Yoko Ono. This time, the soon to be ex-Maco is in a video.

It's not quite as 'hardcore' as the pics she claims are not-porn-but-merely-educational. Still, it's the stuff of adolescent' dreams, which, in my somewhat prudish book, qualifies as porn.

In related news, Heather Mill's McCartney is suing for libel over allegations made in tabloids that she once was a high-class hooker. I'm not sure weather she used to sell her body to wealthy Saudis, but since Paul McCartney is about to pay her tens-of-millions of dollars for the last few years of lovin', I'd say that qualifies as fairly high priced.

Don't watch this video. Nothing good can come of it. Seriously.

To see the video go here and click the link. [NSFW]

Anyway, why are we linking this? It's the hits, baby, the hits. Oh, and our love for the Beatles. And the hits.

But let's not forget that winning the war on terror remains the ultimate goal. So, how can this post further that goal? By far, the vast amount of hits we get coming out of the Muslim world are related to sex. For instance, as I type this post somebody from Egypt found us with a Yahoo search looking for +Egyptian +sex +free.

Because if a Beatle wife can't bring world peace, who can?

File under: Ministry of Exporting Freedom to Muslim World

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