June 12, 2006

Reader Love Mail Turkish Fatwa Edition

As Rusty noted earlier we here at the Jawa Report have a brand new Fatwa from Turkey. Now Rusty promised to update us on the details but has not gotten to it. So all I know now is a Jihadi website based in Turkey has been making us even more infamous. So far it has resulted in DDOS attacks on mu.nu as well as lots of cool spam attacks. We have survived this so far. So lets all do a collective phttttt.

Today we have some cool reader love mail. We’ve not been getting so many of these lately since we always post them. But a new Fatwa brings new suckers.

Now this first one left a valid email. They posted from India and are trying to hide on an old thread. Of course as always it’s the joooooos!

joji cherian


who said there is democracy in us. us stands and exist for israel. it has no national interests, israels' interest are us intersts. there is no christianity. no freedom. every thing that us is doing is unchristian.americans are being murdred for israel. the slaves they are, they can not even wisper against it. americans are a terrorised people, condmned to to perish for israel. ppeople like bin laden are sending wake up calls to the american Christians

The next fun love mail comes from Istanbul Turkey and was posted on Vinnie’s Caption contest thread. But this brave mujahadbeen despite his threat to, “make love to us” was too chicken to leave a valid email. Pussy.
F*ck Anti Muslims

i will f*ck you,zarqavi is my favourite man,and usame bin laden,Adam olun



Also we have five, count em, five new authors here so welcome aboard one and all.

Update :

Vinnie, Editor In Chief Pro Tempore: What do you mean "we." You're retired.:)
Yeah I know retired, retarded something.

Update II: More reader Love mail from the UK Below the break.

MSM's South Park Hypocrisy

Ake (hmm interesting choice of names, trolling me isn’t he)


United Kingdom, England, Sheffield

u stupidmother fukers dnt u get it bush is takin u 2 hell all he wants is ur mums fanny crack and ur dads balls dats the devil talking. nw here the truth there is 1 god believe it or not and i promise u im not hypocritical but there is proof and im not tellin u 2 change but there wil b a judgement day and every1 wil suffer.bk 2 the devil u stupid fukrs its not alwayz abt sex unless ur mum wants 2 fuk me ill make ur mums fanny sweaT LKE THE HOLY PISS DAT U DRINK BYE BYE

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