June 12, 2006

The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: How Much Is That Dent In My Forehead In The Window Edition


Since the "Translate This Mumble" post garnered requests for a contest, caption the photo for poor 'ol Ayman. Remember, he just lost a good friend.


Fatwas will be issued.


"i will cut ur neck" fatwa:

mychimo, for: ...and always remember to yell "Fore!"

"devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa:

, for: "Pay no attention to the Jewish stars on the curtain behind me. We're just making do while we reconstruct a new safehouse."

Honorary right back atcha with a fatwa fatwa:

Some islamotard with: "i will fuc* you,zarqavi is my favourite man,and usame bin laden,Adam olun" (as previously noted by Howie.)

If you didn't finish in this one, there's still this one.

As always, thanks for the chuckles, and a new BSCC starts on Sunday.

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