May 31, 2006


Michelle Malkin writes:

The investigations are still ongoing. That's not an excuse to ignore or dismiss the extensive reporting on the story.

She's right, it's not an excuse. It's a reason to ignore or dismiss the extensive reporting on the story.

Yes, it's mostly one-sided at this point.

Not according to my blogroll. And I have a mighty big blogroll.

But if, if, even a fraction of it is true, it deserves the most vehement condemnation and most severe punishment.

A fraction? What's a fraction of the truth? A half truth? Which is a lie, according to most definitions.

Toddlers are dead.
This toddler? Or is it this one? What about this toddler? Then we have this toddler who died too.

As much as the Left's glee over this story distresses me, it doesn't compare to my dismay at the Right's attempts to cover it's ass before the fact.

By rushing to get ahead of the curve, relying on leaks from anonymous sources and various press accounts, the people saying "if this is true, and it seems it is, they should hang" are doing as much damage to the war effort as the Left.

But they'll celebrate, as I do, the Greatest Generation. The one that interned Japanese, nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki (toddlers are dead, people), firebombed Dresden and Tokyo, invented the flamethrower, Napalm, White Phosphorous, and various and sundry other horrific ways to kill people.

We correctly laud these things as having been necessary in order to protect our United States, but, the fact is, each of these killled many civilians. And we sanctioned it, and have accepted it for decades.

Such is war.

Yes, let's those of us who weren't there, and never will be, flagellate ourselves over this, without any charges, or Court Martials even being brought. Let's make sure we don't give the Left any excuse to criticize us for not speaking out against it.

Because that's what the Right is doing. Making sure they get in a fraction of condemnation before the Left has a chance to jump on them for not doing so. Because, see, we always have to take the high road. Show them how better we are than they are.

Screw 'em. I don't have to pillory the Marines preemptively to prove I'm better than the moonbats. They've pilloried themselves on this subject quite well already.

So until someone ponies up the fact that Iraqi men, women, and children were lined up against a wall and executed, I'll reserve my judgment on the issue.

Until the truth comes out, shut the hell up about Haditha. Somewhere, Khomeini is smiling.

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