May 30, 2006

UAE Diplomat Freed in Iraq after Ambassador Withdrawn

A diplomat from the UAE held hostage in Iraq since May 16th has been released. The man, Naji al-Nuaimi, was being held by a group calling itself the Banner of Islam and had demanded that the UAE break all diplomatic ties with Iraq and that the Dubai baised Al-Fayhaa TV channel be shut down.

On May 18th al Jazeera broadcast a videotape of the hostage. The next day the UAE withdrew its senior diplomat from Iraq. The TV station was not shut down.


The captors of a United Arab Emirates diplomat held in
Iraq for a fortnight have freed their hostage, an Emirati foreign ministry official confirmed.

"Emirati diplomat, Naji al-Nuaimi, who was kidnapped in Iraq on May 16, was released this evening," the official said.

We're glad that he was released safely. However, by meeting at least one of the terrorists demands, this will only mean more hostages will be taken in the future.

Hat tip to George.

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