May 30, 2006

Naked Witch Arrested in Saudi Arabia

If it wasn't so sad that Saudi Arabia actually has religious police going around arresting people on suspicion of "witchcraft" it would be funny.

Wait. It's still funny.

Via John, always on the lookout for all things 'naked' and 'sorceress', this from the official English language news outlet of the Saudi Arabian fascist government:

Members of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice received a call of a suspected African “sorceress” in the holy city’s Al-Seeh neighborhood. Members of the committee along with police went to the suspected den of the black arts to find a naked African woman. Embarrassed about busting into an apartment containing a naked woman, police paused just long enough for the woman to attempt an escape, still naked, through the window of her flat. Police followed in pursuit to discover that the woman had crashed through the ceiling of the neighbor’s flimsy house and landed on the floor next to a bed of sleeping children.
UPDATE: How do you know if a naked sorceress is really a sorceress?

Throw her out a very high window. If she floats in the air, she's a witch. If she plunges to her death, she's innocent.

Joyner also on the scent.

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