May 30, 2006

Morning Links: George Galloway is a Traitor Edition

Galloway praises Muslim Brotherhood.

The Haditha operations the MSM didn't show you

Why We Fight--- a tribute to our soldiers.

Abraham Lincoln = Hitler. I mean, since Bush = Hitler after detaining precisely 2 Americans as enemy combatants while Lincoln jailed over 15,000....

Security at Penn Station ignores possible terror threat.

More on 'the long war'.

Kerry lying about his ventures into Cambodia again. Will somebody remind the voters of MA about this guy?

Hugo Chavez: international man of asshattery.

Stefania is running for the Cagliari city council. I endorse. Vote Stefania!

"You mean I'm going to stay this color my whole life?"
---Patrick Kennedy.

Arizona Democrat proposes "lottery" for voters--lucky voters will get $1 bajillion dollars.

22 Problems with the Senate's immigration bill.

RINO sightings.

Gang shootings in the OKC?

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